About the Author


I'm Frankie and this blog is a way to share some of my knowledge and opinions relating to the emerging changes in the IT Networking industry.  

I work in tech as a freelance network architect, consulting and designing network, security and cloud solutions.  I am involved in transformation architecture and deal with upgrading existing networks to newer and more agile technologies.


I spend a significant amount of my spare time, too much really, investigating and researching how things in the industry are changing, whats on offer and how these may impact the security and  efficiency in networks.

  My Expertise

  • Network, Security and Cloud Consultancy

  • Network Evaluation and proof of concepts

  • Technical Road Map

  • Integrated Cloud Platform Design

  • Global Network Design


My articles may mention vendor products and the choices are intended to provide some reality to the concepts and scenarios.  The information provided is my opinion and does not reflect that of my employers past or present.